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 sunday, 18.06.2006 - WGC2006 Jacka Dankowski relations
Janusz Centka 2-65.jpg Tenth, Last Competition of Championships - Saturday 17.06.2006

Janusz Centka the Glider Master of World

Janusz Centka on Polish glider Diana 2 won in last competition and in general classification win the title of Glider Master of World, winning in 15 meter class. This is Janusz third title of Master of World. Previous he won in open class. Stanisław Wujczak was near from medal occupying fourth place in 18 meter class.

To competitors' joy good weather appeared abounding in numerous clouds cumulus. At last active competitors could show their skills. Task for all clases was speed flight rout of polygon about length:
• 15m Class
395,7 km
• Standard Class 351,5 km
• Open Class 414,6 km
• 18m Class
417,8 km

In individual classes won pilots, who on ordered rout got the the greatest averages of speed. Pilots who did not reach finish line received points for distance only.
The results of forefront in today's competition in individual classes introduce as follows:
• 15m Class:
1. Janusz CENTKA
POL 1000 pts
2. Georg Theisinger
GER 941 pts
FIN 925 pts

In general classification after ten competitions Janusz Centka was promoted on first place. Former leader Hungarian Gyorgi Gulyas fell on second place. Both pilots were class for each other by getting huge superiority over remaining competitors. To public great joy third place and only medal for Sweden win Borje Eriksson.
The situation of forefront looks as follows:
1. Janusz CENTKA
POL 8160 pts
2. Gyorgi GULYAS
HUN 8147 pts
3. Borje Eriksson
SWE 7559 pts

• 18m Class:
DEN 1000 pts
2. Petr KREJCIRIK CZE 938 pts
3. Ronald TERMAAT NED 937 pts
7. Stanisław WUJCZAK
POL 888 pts
29. Andrzej ŚMIELKIEWICZ POL 795 pts

In general classification after ten competitions Stanisław Wujczak take good fourth place. Andrzej Śmielkiewicz flying on worse glider than rivals stayed on 15 place.
The situation of forefront looks as follows:
1. Phil JONES GBR 7746 pts
2. Wolfgang JANOWITCH
AUT 7544 pts
3. Luciano AVANZINI ITA 7468 pts
4. Stanisław WUJCZAK
POL 7383 pts
POL 6807 pts

• Standard Class:
1. Douglas JACOBS
USA 968 pts
2. Thomas GOSTNER
ITA 943 pts
3. Vladimir FOLTIN
SVK 928 pts
23. Piotr JARYSZ
POL 847 pts
24. Mariusz POŹNIAK
POL 841 pts

In general classification after ten competitions Mariusz Poźniak stayed on 8 place, and Piotr Jarysz occupied 19 place.
Situation in forefront looks as follows:
1. Leigh WELLS
GBR 8244 pts
2. Oliviere DARROZE
FRA 8176 pts
3. Jez HOOD
GBR 8135 pts
8. Mariusz POŹNIAK
POL 7588 pts
19. Piotr JARYSZ
POL 6957 pts

• Open Class:
1. Tomas RENDLA
CZE 1000 pts
RPA 990 pts
3. Michael SOMMER GER 975 pts
13. Tomasz RUBAJ
POL 895 pts

In general classification after ten competitions Tomasz Rubaj stayed on seventh place. In forefront situation looks as follows:
1. Michael SOMMER GER 8491 pts
2. Giorgio BALLARATI
ITA 8205 pts
3. Peter HARVEY GBR 8128 pts
7. Tomasz RUBAJ POL 7502 pts

The results after tenth competition are the final results of championships also.
The next Championships of World in Club and World class will be played in Vinon in France since 14 till 29 July 2006. Title of Master of World this time it will defend by our superb pilot Sebastian Kawa – the current Master of World in glider races and in World class as well as the current Master of Europe in class the Club.
It thanks for passing on our information.
More informations on web of competition organizer: www.wgc2006.se and www.szybowce.com
Jacek Dankowski
Team Leader

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